You don’t celebrate enough.

Do you take the time to celebrate your successes or do you rather go from one achievement to the other? Most high achievers make one critical mistake.

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High achievers are constantly focused on the next step. They set the bar high and show commitment and determination to reach their objectives.

High achievers don’t give up. They push through, embrace challenges, adapt, adjust, and persevere. They demonstrate courage and discipline. They don’t accept failure and keep learning to get what they want.

And the moment they reach their goal, they are already looking for more. They know they can do better, be better, and scale their impact, so they keep going.

High achievers are driven by their desire and thirst for fulfillment but sometimes feel empty despite their success.

They get confused. They don’t know what’s wrong. They try to understand what is missing but can not come up with any rational reason. So they decide to set new goals, put the bar higher, and keep going in the hope of feeling true intrinsic satisfaction until they are exhausted.

There is nothing wrong with chasing the horizon and being committed to achieving more. But you can’t keep doing that for years and still perform at your best. In the process, you might also lose track of what matters and put the priority in the wrong place, sacrificing other areas of life like health, family, hobbies, friendships, etc.

Some people keep chasing the horizon their whole life to realize that it will never come.

They live under the illusion that it is about the goal. 

Slow down.

If you keep setting goal after goal, never really feeling fulfilled when you reach them, it might be because the goal doesn’t matter. Fulfillment will not come from the achievement but from the process of getting there.

I like to set impossible goals and keep pushing my limits further. I believe it is essential to know your heading, so you keep moving in the right direction and stay intentional in your daily life.

But if we think it is about the goal itself, we forget to acknowledge where we started, the challenges we’ve overcome, and to celebrate the successes along the way.

Turn back and remember where you are coming from.

Look at what you’ve accomplished. Isn’t that amazing? Look at what dedication and perseverance can make happen! Look at what you made happen!

It’s like climbing a mountain. The best part is looking for a mountain to climb, the preparation before, the excitement of getting there, the visualization of the climb, all the steps that will lead you to the summit. But it’s done when you are standing tall on the top. You have unforgettable memories and the pride of accomplishment. But everything already belongs to the past, and you ask yourself, what’s next?

man hiking in the mountains

Remember that it is not about the goal itself but about you getting there. It is about the process of creation. Keep going from summit to summit, but don’t wait to be on the top to celebrate. Be mindful of being present and enjoying the climb.

Acknowledge what you did yesterday!

Praise yourself for what you’ve done today!

Celebrate what you will do tomorrow!

Remember where you are coming from, honor the struggles and celebrate the successes.

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