You are only a few decisions away from your extraordinary life…

We all know those quotes and sayings; life is too short, you only live once, follow your dreams,… How come the majority of people can’t say that they are exactly where they want to be, doing the things they want to do and spending their time with the people they want to be with?

I made a promise to myself, if I don’t like a situation, I change it! 

Let me explain a bit more with this simple principle introduced by Dr. Stephen Covey:

If it is in your circle of control or influence you can do something about it.

Example: If I don’t like my job, I can quit and find another one.

Sometimes you cannot change a situation (i.e: rain) but you can always find a different way to look at it.

Example: It can be annoying to have to work online because of the Covid measures but I don’t have to waste time in transport everyday.

You are probably thinking; “well, it’s not THAT easy”. And you are right! It is not easy because it is confronting us with the undeniable fact that in the end, it is always our choice. It is a controversial statement because people don’t like to be responsible for their life, except when it is awesome. It’s easy to take credit when your life is extraordinary and it is easy to blame anything or anybody else, when you feel miserable.

What are the things in your circle of control or influence that you should do something about? What are the things in your circle of concern that you can look at from a different perspective?

An extraordinary life doesn’t just happen, it is created step by step and yes YOU are only a few decisions away from it…

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