Chasing Excellence

– For Teens –

I am sure you have dreams, but I know unfortunately that you also see this sad reality that people around you are not always living the life they wanted to. They started like you, with desires and big dreams but quickly those desired faded away and “real life took over”. What they once wanted is now just a distant wish and one day they wake up, finding themselves living an unfulfilling live wishing it could be different. But what if I tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

You see, most people get lost because they did not create a clear map to navigate through life and instead of living the life they want to, they are living the life they are supposed to.

Do you ever wonder what your future could look like? Are you curious to know what you’re really capable of?

During this program, you’ll discover how to overcome the uncertainty and self-doubt that prevents many people to live the life they have imagined so you can explore, grow and unleash your full potential.

5 weeks | 5 sessions of 60 min.

What you’ll get…

  • Gain confidence that will help you to dream big and show up as your best self
  • Find your “WHY”, discover your purpose
  • Learn how to turn your failures into successes
  • Get clear on your goals and set up an action plan to achieve them
  • Develop your unique gift and find how you can contribute
  • Workbook with a structure to collect your notes