Is it normal?

When everybody around you is feeling the same way or struggling with the same problems, we tend to accept that what we are experiencing is normal. Nowadays, not feeling good in your skin and struggling with your health seems to be average.

It is quite frightening to look at the numbers regarding to obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, etc.  We all know people with health issues. And because it is becoming so “normal” we tend to accept to be sick. 

I started questioning myself:

Is it really normal to have so much inflammation?

Ok, I am doing a lot of sport but the recovery seems to take longer and longer, maybe I am just getting old..

Is it normal to wake up and not feeling rested?

Well, I have responsibilities and stress,… “Sleeping like a baby” is for babies. And I’m not the only one, everybody is tired!

Is it normal to have allergies?

Seems like a lot of people do, just take some medicines!

Is it normal to lack energy and having a hard time to focus in the middle of the day?

Apparently! Others do too, just eat an energy bar and grab a coffee and it’ll be better!

I can’t see my abs! Do only bodybuilders have a six pack?

Look around, everybody starts having a bit of a belly when getting older..

WAIT A MOMENT! Is this normal? Am I really supposed to feel this way?


I don’t accept to feel crap all the time and I will stop making excuses!

So I tried to change the way I ate. The problem is that the food industry is confusing us about what to eat, leading people to be overfed and malnourished. 

And this was the start of my health journey. I decided to find a way of eating that would allow me to maintain my active lifestyle, keep pushing my body to its limits while looking and feeling great!

I did my research and tried many things! Carb cycling, macro breakdown, intermittent fasting, juicing, keto, counting calories,… I did have some results but nothing was really sustainable in the long term. Click here to download my free pdf “Why Diets Don’t Work.

Until I found WildFit. Click here to learn how to change your relationship with food.