How to create an extraordinary life?

The easiest way to go through life is to not think too much, to not take too many risks and to try to fit in. The result is a life by default where you are just getting by, trying to minimise the struggles and the pain until it’s over. Doesn’t seem really appealing to me…

“If you are living without intentions you are settling for random”

The other option is to maximise your life experience and make the most of it. Well, that sounds better!

How do you do that?

Creating the life you’ve imagined might be a little bit overwhelming, where do you start?

The answer is obvious, first get clear on what you want and find your “why”. My definition of an extraordinary life is probably not the same as yours, and it shouldn’t be, we are all unique.

It makes sense but creating a crystal clear image of your dream life is actually more tricky than you think! 

We all know what we want in some aspects of our life and that’s usually what we focus on but it’s important to look at life holistically. Being wealthy will not satisfy a lack of love, having your dream house will not overcome the pain of disease, having the perfect job will not sooth your loneliness, being successful but not having a purpose will not make you happy.

“Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure” 

-Tony Robbins-

There are many tools available to deconstruct your ideal life in different categories (wheel of life) but I personally resonate the most with the 12 categories defined by Jon and Missy Butcher:

Health and Fitness





Love relationship


Social life



Quality of life

Life vision

When you get clear on your desires for each of those categories, it is time to create your life vision. Write it down! 

Who do you want to become? What do you want to achieve? What is the life you’ve imagined? Why do you want to achieve that? How is your ideal day looking like? 

Be as precise as possible and most important, write down how you would feel once you are living this life.

Now that you have a clear life vision, it’s time to set up a strategy to achieve it!