A Conscious Pause

As Unique As You Are

You are close meeting your baby or maybe you are already adjusting to your new role with your little one. Nothing can truly prepare you for how you’ll feel after you give birth.

In this next chapter of your life lots of questions arise. Questions, which you didn’t think you would ask.. How does this work? Is this the best way? Should I change something? Is that normal? What about now? Is that enough?

Life with an infant can feel both exciting and pretty overwhelming.

Take a deep breath. I am here for you.

As a postpartum doula & pediatric sleep consultant I make sure that you and your family feel comfortable, supported and well rested, so that you have the best possible experience in those first weeks, months and years with your baby.

Give yourself the gift of ‘A Conscious Pause’…

It’s important. It’s necessary. It’s possible. I promise!

A Pause to Connect

Your most important task is to connect with your baby. I am here to support you and your family in several ways to bond with your baby, which is vital for the overall development of your little bundle of joy.

A Pause to Rest

You have to make yourself a priority, as a woman, not just a mom. I am here to make sure you have the time and space to listen to the needs of your body, so that you can take the right steps to recharge.

A Pause to Align

You have the power to create whatever life you’d like to have. I am here to give you guidance and support, so that you can make well informed decisions for your own and your baby’s well-being.

About me | Rianna

Born and raised in The Netherlands, but living abroad since 10 years.

Last summer I moved from Nepal to Bulgaria. Living and working abroad, has taught me many valuable lessons. One of the biggest is the realisation that ‘we are our choices’.

Everything in our life is a reflection of a choice we have made, so the power of choice is not something to take lightly. When I realised that the best tactic to make great choices is to slow down and bring consciousness to the situation (in whatever form needed) ‘A Conscious Pause’ was born.

I work with families all around the world, helping them thrive and grow. I am on a mission to empower families, so that they can have the best possible experience with their little one.

I help you live the life you have imagined with your baby, by providing information, enhancing skills and giving you lots of love and support. I want you to feel strong and special.

My Services

What I offer is as unique as you are. My services are crafted around your needs. This can be guidance with breast or bottle feeding, caring for your baby while you’re taking a hot shower or a nap, light housekeeping, guidance on sleep schedule and routines, or information to make informed decisions in areas of doubt. My goal is to make you feel cared for. I see your power and I will always support you, whatever decision you make. I listen, embrace, respect, love and I am here to support you in whatever you need.

I know as a strong independent woman myself that you might be hesitant to ask for help. But just because you can do it all by yourself, that doesn’t mean you should.

Everyone can use support in some form.

Contact me to schedule a free discovery call and find out if we are a good fit for each other. Remember, great things often happen unexpectedly. Let life surprise you…

Let’s talk.