Clarity is Power

Sometimes we feel a bit stuck or it seems that we have difficulties moving forward with our projects. In many cases this comes from a lack of clarity in what we want to achieve. We usually have goals but too often we just set those objectives without creating a vivid vision and without clarity and focus those targets become wishes.

Our mind tries to keep us safe and move us away from pain and towards pleasure. If you would like to be fit but every time you workout you tell yourself that it is hard and you don’t like it, your mind will probably prevent you to go through this temporary discomfort again and you will find yourself procrastinating and eventually giving up.

Next to the importance of the words we tell ourselves comes the clarity of our intentions. The purpose of doing something is always linked to an emotion we are seeking. A false purpose would be eating healthy to release weight. Loosing 10kg is a means goal not a purpose per se, what you might be looking for is vitality, confidence, feeling great, energy or feeling more vibrant. 

It is usually easier to get clear on the means goal because the end goal is sometimes hidden at a deeper level.

“Be careful with your focus. Don’t spend time focused on climbing a mountain only to discover you have climb the wrong one”

Randall L. Ridd.

Without doing the deep work on figuring out what are the reasons we want to achieve something we might end up pursuing the wrong thing.

To create strong habits and work towards your objectives you have to get clear on your end goals, discover your “why” and stay focus along the way.

Finding clarity his a necessity to become the best version of who we can be.