“I turn entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives into high performance leaders.

– François de Neuville

The secrets of peak performance

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Leverage the stage effect

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The remarkable path of high-performance leaders

Every entrepreneur wants to improve their business, scale their impact, increase profitability and become a high-performance leader. But how?
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You don’t celebrate enough

Do you take the time to celebrate your successes or do you rather go from one achievement to the other? Most high achievers make one critical mistake.
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Are you procrastinating?

How to stop procrastinating and get sh#t done!

When was the last time you said: “ I should…” and never did anything about it? Today, yesterday, or last week? Time to stop procrastinating!
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Man sitting on top of the mountain meditating with wonderful view

Self-Sabotage: How to not screw yourself up again!

Self-sabotage? Why would people try to screw themselves over? The reason is not always obvious, but there is always one. Here are 5 steps to stop sabotaging yourself.
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How to overcome fear - woman scared

How to overcome your fears?

We all experience fear and that’s a good thing. It is a survival mechanism that helps us to stay safe. But like everything, there is also a dark side to it: when it is holding us back and disempowering us.
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Goals for 2022 – How to set and achieve them

The new year is coming and you’ll probably start thinking soon about your goals for 2022. Setting goals can be powerful but it has to be done the right. Learn how to set yourself up for success!
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Man with blue shirt on white couch sitting, looking happy and thinking

The secret to deal with pain and end suffering

I think if I would start this blog by saying that suffering is a choice, most people wouldn’t read any further. Well, I did… Are you still there?
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 Woman eating cookies from the fridge with a bowl in the hand full of cookies

Why am I hungry all the time?

Hunger is the natural signal of the body to tell us that we should eat something. But not all forms of hunger are equal. Wait, are there different types of hunger? YES! 
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How to not quit when things are getting difficult

It’s easy to start a journey or brag about the next amazing thing you plan to do, but our true identity will show up when things get hard. Some choose the easy way out, some push through.
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Woman playing guitar in front of camera in a nicely open space

Why do we care so much?

We all care in one way or another about what others might think of us. While it is not an issue by itself, it can lead to a destructive habit. Read this article to learn how not to fall into the trap. 
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Man on snowboard in the snow high performing stunts

Why your comfort zone is dangerous

Every time we are stretching ourselves and adventuring even ever so slightly outside of our comfort zone we have this interesting self talk.
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Man feeling tired behind computer, rubbing his eyes

6 natural ways to stop feeling tired

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel full of energy every day? Empowered and motivated to work on your projects, spend time with your family, your kids, your friends, have fun and learn.
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Man running up the stairs with sport clothes

How to create good habits

To reach your goals and be the best version of yourself, you have to create habits. To get there, you have to set up a system. Here is something that works.
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woman covering her ears from negative people

How to deal with negative people?

Looking for ways to deal with negative people? Here is how to protect yourself from being drained of your energy and be the light for those who live in the dark.
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I want a healthy christmas dinner with family on table

All I want for Christmas is HEALTH

Holidays often rhyme with abundance (actually I should say excess…) of foods and drinks. This year can be different! This Christmas can be a healthy one! Here are 3 essential rules to have a healthy holiday.
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